Server Delay!


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    Server Delay!

    Post by Dill on Sat Jan 14, 2012 3:40 pm

    Dear Staff & Members,

    I've recently saw Jess's comment when asked about the private server:

    My computer doesn't shut down properly, the graphics card keeps failing even though my computer is still fairly new, and I need to do a short system restore every time I want to start my computer.. I've had to re-install Dragon Nest like 7 times. I've been playing that lately, Server: Argenta, IGN: PenguinButts..

    When I asked her about the version of the private server,days before that, she responded with this:

    I love how everyone expects this now.. I should have just made it in secret and told everybody when it was done. -_- I don't even want to make it anymore because of all the PMs I've been getting.

    Don't be surprised if this whole thing doesn't work out or isn't up for quite a bit.

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